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Board Violations of Statutes and/or Rules

   8Oct08: 10 Question About Co-Gen & 3rd Rec. Center
   8Oct08: Board Wastes More Money
Dixon Accused of Willful Law Violations
                 - Affidavit Filed With Real Estate Division

- Notification & Dixon Reply
                 - Analysis & Comments on Dixon's Reply

Code of Conduct & Retaliation Charges Filed Against 2 Directors on Dec. 5, 2008
  Intervention Affidavit--Form 530
       Exhibit 1 -- Overview of 530 & Attached Documents
       a: 3Jul08 Complaint Against Directors
       b: Ron Johnson's Opinion
       c: 29jun08 Analysis of Violation
       d: 26jun08 Transcript of Violation
       e: Ron Johnson Analysis of "Interview"
       f: 12-13jul08 Responses by Directors
       g: Transcript of Attorney Grant's Seminar
       h: SCA Code of Conduct Rules
        i: 3sep08 Example of Continuing Failures

j: Violation Confirmed--Letter of Instruction to Board

Retaliation Against Director Bob Frank

    6Aug07:  Original BoD Complaint & Response
  23Aug07:  Punishment Without a Fair Hearing
                   - 2.5 Minute Recording of Aug 23, '07 Board Mtg
                   - Transcript & Notes on 2.5 Minute Recording
    5Sep07:  Board Submits Complaint to State of NV
  Sept-Oct:  NRED on the Fast Track to Find Fault?
  11Nov07:  Board Falsely Denies Making Complaints
     4Jan08:  Frank's Rebuttal to BoD Affidavit
     4Jan08:  Bob Maddox's Legal Analysis of Dixon Affidavit
     2Apr08:  Frank's Attorney Garin Submits More Data
     3Apr08:  Frank's Attorney Maddox Requests Investigation
                    by NV Dept of Business & Industry
   21Apr08:  NRED Denies It Made Any Errors
Status Report

   25Jun08:  Roz Berman Fails To Do Her Duty
Request BoD to Dismiss Bogus Affidavit
                    - Request BoD to Reimburse $29k Legal Fees
                    - Roz Berman Denies Fault & Fails to Act

     22jul08:  - (Updated) Board Owes Director Frank $29k
                      + Atch 1: 6aug07 Dixon Original+Frank Reply
                      + Atch 2a: 23aug07 Bd. Mtg Transcript
                      + Atch 2b: 30aug07 SVHN Remove VP
                      + Atch 3:   7sep07  Dixon/Board Affidavit
                      + Atch 4a: 25sep07 NRED Fast Track
                      + Atch 4b: 4jan08:  Frank Affidavit Response
                      + Atch 4c: 2apr08:  Garin to Fleming
                      + Atch 5a: 19nov07: BoD Rejects Indemnification
                      + Atch 5b:  30oct07: Ask For Indemnification
                      + Atch 6a:  22jun08: Legal-fees Reimbursement
                      + Atch 6b:  25jun08: Roz Berman Reply

    22Jul08:  NRED Fails to Do Its Job--Still No Decision!
                    "Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied!"

22Jun08:  Kay Frank Challenges Paper on Unfair Story
                   - South Valley Home News (SVHN) on June 19, '08
                   - Kay's Letter To the SVHN Editors

  >> 3Jul08:  South Valley Home News -- PartialCorrection  <<
                   - 3jul08 SVHN Correction Statement
                   - Action Transferred to Compliance - Oct 07
                   - Demand for Full Affidavit - Oct 07
                   - Real Estate Division is Biased & Unfair

                    Background & Reference Info on Bob Frank
                    - Resume
                    - Examples of Previous Community Service
                      SCA Business Development Club
                      Veterans History Project
                      Preserving SF Veterans Memorial Building
                      Leading Ohio Jaycees Project Freedom

Harassment & Retaliation Against Resident Nelson Orth

Harassment Against Villas Rep. Norm McCullough