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Stop Smart Meter/Smart Grid Waste & Prevent Cyberwar!

by  Robert Frank        (Latest Update as of October 17, 2012)

Introduction To Smart Meter/Smart Grid Issues

CIA Director Says Smart Grid/Smart Meters Are "Stupid"

Secretary of Defense Warns of Cyber War Through Power Grid

Is Cyberwar Winnable With Vital Utilities Are On the Internet?

Why Would "Intelligent" Government Leaders Risk Cyberwar
 by Placing Our Vital Utilities Onto the Internet???


Neutrality of some definitions is disputed.  They are included to allow comparisons with opposing opinions in the subsequent comments.


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Bottom Lines:

  • While the United States has shown it can not be defeated by military resources, National Defense and everything else in the US can be massively degraded and/or brought down by degrading our utilities via the internet.
  • It is foolish and extremely dangerous to implement hundreds of millions of smart meter "internet gateways" between our utilities and consumers at a projected cost of over a Trillion dollars within this decade.  
  • No amount of perceived "management efficiencies" could possibly justify the frequent interruptions and likely losses of major parts of our national energy systems due to global cyber attacks.  The strategic impacts of smart meters on the future of the US are beyond imagination.  
  • It is clear that the American civilization and its economy can not function effectively or efficiently unless our vital utilities are abundant, reliable and inexpensive.  Reliable, abundant energy of all types is what has made America Great.
  • There are dozens of solid reasons for stopping the smart meter deployment programs and for removing the inadequate networking components so that utility meters remain as solely for the purpose of billing for energy use. 
More documents and web links will be added in the near future...stay tuned!  Meanwhile, please consider sending a letter of the following type to the NV Governor, Public Utility Commission, and your elected members of the NV Legislature and The Congress.  

Sample letter to protect your Constitutional Rights to privacy within your properties.  

It is important that you declare your rights to protection against illegal government surveillance under the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution and Section 18 of the NV Constitution, and that you reserve the right to join in a group action for demanding criminal actions and civil litigation be brought against the responsible NV government officials should they violate your sacred constitutional rights to deny smart meter installs on your property.