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Truth About Sun City Anthem Politics

1. David Berman Exposed In Yet Another Deception?
    - DB: "Briggs to Committees: I Want Your Resignations"
    - What John Briggs Actually Said
      + April 6 Forum Opening Statement (audio clip)
      + April 6 Forum Concluding Statement (audio clip)
    - Analysis:  Why Would You Believe Anything DB Says?

2. Dixon's Report on Frank is False & Defamatory!
     Frank's Letter to the Board on March 28, 2008
     -  Warning Letter on March 28, '08:  Maddox to Dixon
     -  Berg Says Frank Not Failing On Board Responsibilities
     -  NRS 116.760.1:  Confidentiality Controls
     -  Latest Status:  Dixon Removes Defamatory Report From
        Website, But Fails to Retract Words.  Stay Tuned!