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The Rec Ctr 3 Matter will be Voted On at the March 27, 2008 Board Meeting.  Here is the agenda info for that meeting:

Building 3 – The Board will discuss the history and current circumstance of Recreation 3 development. Three options for decision will be considered;

            (1) Proceed with the current design for the “greening” of the building of Recreation Center #3 and allow the $1.375 million in cogen funds to be retained by Pulte;

            (2) Do not allow Pulte to use the $1.375 million; have Pulte redesign the building without “green” enhancements, and retain the $1.375 million for the
Association Reserve Fund;

            (3) Continue to negotiate a better split of construction expenses so that we retain a portion of the $1.375 million for the Association Reserve Fund.

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