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City of Henderson Dismisses False Arrest of Frank & Stebbins After 2 Years of Outrageous Abuse of Power!

This TAB shows documents and links to information concerning the recently approved release of records about the 2010 unsubstantiated/unjustified criminal arrest of Sun City Anthem members Colonel Robert Frank and Mr. Tim Stebbins by Henderson.

All charges were finally dismissed on March 20, 2012 after 2 years of unrelenting defamation, character assassination & personal abuse by the City, SCA Boards, & certain Sun City Anthem members with personal conflicts of interest.

SUN Reports March 30, 2012 on Dismissal of Arrest Charges
      - Public Comments on SUN Article
      - Our Responses to Comments on SUN Article

Ronald Johnson, Sun City Anthem Member Reports the Full Story
      - April 3, 2012:  "The Untold Story"  --  Did Board Lie to Henderson Police?
      - May 22, 2012:  "The Meeting" -- Illegal Board Meeting?
        June 6, 2012:   "HOA Scandal" In Sun City Anthem?
      - July 7, 2012:    "Guilty"-- SCA Board?

Some basic files and links will be listed before some of the supporting evidence of apparent misconduct by the involved persons.



          (Much More Compelling/Supporting Evidence Is Also Available)