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AnthemVOICE (AV) is a free service founded in September 2007 to assist Sun City unit owners.  AV is an independent communication and education network for the Sun City Anthem community in Henderson, Nevada. It works to help deal with the lack of balanced information released on the SCA Board site.

AV and its blog offers fresh perspectives on issues facing our active adult community.  We focus on SCA Board policies, Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) enforcement actions and other homeowner governance matters. This AV site is uniquely designed to function as a library of records and opinions.

Our AV blog site allows for public comment on any matter and maintains records according to the categories selected by the author.  We leave postings about most social and entertainment activities to the other sites.

Unlike other community web sites which are owned and operated by single individuals, AnthemVOICE is offered by a distinguished group of community leaders. And, unlike other SCA websites, most SCA homeowners are eligible to submit documents for posting on the AV web site and on the AV blog site.

If you would like to submit an article or make a statement on AnthemVOICE or AmthemVOICE Blog, please send email to:

We post most records in PDF format which requires the Adobe Reader on your computer.  Click here to download a free Adobe Reader